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Avocado on sourdough snack

I just got back from my sister’s first stand up comedy gig having only had 2 amazing scotch eggs from The Prince Albert in Brighton. It was 23:30, I needed a quick snack so toasted some sourdough, mushed half an avocado, a squeeze of lime and shake of cayenne pepper into the top. I wanted to write home about it, and this seemed a good way of doing it.

If anyone’s got improvements or other versions of this, I’d love to hear about them.


Brunch: Grilled asparagus with poached eggs on sourdough bread

The first use of the asparagus haul from the farmers market and the first time I’ve had spears that were too long for my griddle pan. Bah!

Simply put, the asparagus spears are brushed with olive oil and put on a smoking jot griddle with a sprinkle of salt for 4 minutes.

I’d love to know how people get perfect poached eggs, ours always seem to spread out in the pan. I’ve heard people suggest adding vinegar or creating a whirlpool effect in the pan, but what do you then do for egg number two?

As always, bright ideas are appreciated!



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