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The White Hart, SE1

A 10oz classic British beef burger in a toasted sesame bun, with a spicy Bloody Mary ketchup. They also come with the optional extras such as Mature cheddar and bacon, Chorizo, salsa and guacamole or Goats’ cheese and red onion chutney.  My tests will try to focus on the classic burgers with no additions other than the standard condiments.

The classic burger comes with some Cos lettuce and a slice of beefsteak tomato. It was a big, inch thick burger, and juicy.  So juicy that the bun fell apart midway through eating, which is a shame.  There’s a certain pleasure in eating a juicy mushroom burger, when the juices dribble down your arm as your eating, which is fine at home, but eating out I think buns should be able to tolerate the juice of a burger.

Chips were standard style pub chips, probably frozen as they have the same shapes as many other pubs, not crisp and fluffy like the best chips can be, these were a tad dry.  The Bloody Mary ketchup was good, adding a nice zing to the burger, but couldn’t make up for the poor chips.

The veggie with me had the vegetarian platter.  She adored the Moroccan spiced courgettes, coated in a Moroccan spiced batter.  I thought they were surprisingly good too, but the deep fried falafels were too greasy as a partner forcing you to eat the carrot crudités to counteract the oil.

Great pub, good ales, good beers, perry cider, 3 other ciders.  Great jukebox, listened to some Lamb tracks, DJ Shadow, Portishead, Air and Massive Attack.  90s throwback that I am.