Top 10 Pub Roasts

1. The Star, Dartmouth Park, London

Roast beef with all the trimmings. This was so good, it would have been worth it for just for the trimmings.

2. The King’s Head, Crouch End, London

Certainly good value, but not a patch on The Star.  We ate Downstairs watching the Sunday Jazz Jam.  The vegetarian nut roast is supposedly good, it’s had one vegetarian vote that I’ve heard of, but Mrs Fly wussed out and went for the veggie burger.

Top 10 Burgers
I would defer to the way-more-dedicated @LondonBurgerMe so check out his blog
1. Byron, Westfield Shopping Centre
We ate there last week and thought it was rather marvellous.

2. Eagle Bar Diner
Diner place on Rathbone Place down towards Oxford Street, only been once but it was good, the bun fell apart coping with the double or nothing classic. They have a good range of other burgers and have some interesting choices for vegetarians too.

Other upcoming visits to include: good homemade pub effort crouch end’s best choice, the onion ciabatta is a bit weird but it works… always been a fan of these although I think they are not as good as they were. better than hamburger union but not quite GBK, good as you can get take out and it is quite cheap. this place people used to rave about at work but is now sadly defunct, I never went though

There is supposed to be a burger van in borough market that is amazing but never tried it


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