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The new leaf is turning brown…

I always find that this time of year is when I make resolutions and try to do new things.  September always coincides with the start of a new school year, sitting with new shiny stationary supposing that this time they shall stay unspoiled.

So too with this neglected blog, a fresh start is what’s required.  I dare say such starts are usually held in spring, but with an abundance of fruit on the shelves and still in the garden it’d be a shame to suspend until Spring.

At home at the moment are cobnuts, a rarely seen treat in Waitrose, along with pears, plums, greengages and apples. I’m a big fan of making ice cream, but a spring clean of the ice cream freezer drawer is required.  Home session scraps of raspberry sorbet, lemon meringue ice cream, orange & cinnamon frozen yoghurt need finishing before work commences. 

I was going to kick off with Apple ice cream with roasted cobnuts and caramel saucespotted during a Google search of cobnut, along with a dairy free raspberry ripple using home grown raspberries, for a future dinner with a lactose intolerant friend at his request.

Ice cream for breakfast?


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