My previous attempt at blogging died a death as I tried to fuss too much with camera equipment. To get back into it, I’m relying on my iPhone camera to take the snaps, which will hopefully mean that I can blog more on the move.

Am I a vegetarian?

Nope, although my wife is and, as I’m a tad lazy it’s easier to do single dinners over multiple meals.

My vegetarian repetoire when we met was not short of throwing lots of vegetables into a curry and adding a stir in sauce. My first vegetarian book helped a bit, but was a fiddly, complex one by Delia Smith that has subsequently gone to the charity shop. On BBC Radio 4 one morning I heard about Denis Cotter’s Paradiso Seasons and I think it is that book that transformed the way I look at food in general and vegetarian food in particular.

I like meat now and again, but it has to be free range. Our household jury is still out on whether organic is better for the animals after hearing that anti-biotics can’t be used if they get sick, but this isn’t about the merits of the organic life or vegetarianism. I tend to follow recipes from other blogs and books, I’m trying to get better at making up recipes.

What are your favorite foods?

I love a good channa dal, homemade ice cream, hot puddings, food from almost any region.

Your least favorite things?

Peanut butter. It stinks.


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