A Fallow Deer emerges

The fallow deer (Dama dama) is commonly seen in The Royal Parks in their preferred habit of mixed woodland and open grassland.

We were alerted to an unusual fallow deer emerging on Teddington High Street earlier this month via Twitter.

Did it step out gingerly?
Blinking with big brown doe eyes?
This particular Fallow Deer emerged with a big yelp of Tally Ho and Pip! Pip! Pip!

Fresh flowers

The Cake Board

After a fun build up on Twitter, and pressing our noses against the glass late the night before, we were eager to pop along for the opening day, to show some support for local business and get breakfast in.

Mother Deer has put a lot of thought into this delightful, but small vintage tea room. I’m so chuffed to see my favourite suppliers being used here too. Meat is supplied by A.G. Miller butchers on Waldegrave Road, the breads come from Rubens Bakehouse in Twickenham and vegetables from John Woods in Teddington (who does good vegetable boxes by the way).

So, ding! Ding! Breakfast, round one. I tucked into a venison sausage sandwich with red onion jam. It’s not a hotdog! Hotdogs are served in torpedo rolls with enough ketchup and mustard to make a fine old mess on your clothes. They are my guilty cinema pleasure. A venison sausage sandwich is altogether more refined, and this was substantial. My fellow diners were through with their breakfasts and cake by the time I’d finished it. Abi had what she described as the nicest scrambled eggs on toasted sourdough in recent memory, she adored every bite.

Venison sausage sarnie
Orla ponders the great menu choice
When my brother and family arrived we shuffled onto the larger table and turned our attention to the cake board and an extended lunch with more tea. We never felt under pressure to move on, the staff were attentive and just delightful to help as when we first arrived.

Cake highlights
Rhubarb Bakewell tart with a side of rhubarb compote, a welcome sharp tang to balance the tart.

Rhubarb Bakewell
The concentration and effort needed to hoist the biggest slice of Victoria sponge I’ve ever seen to a side plate was our afternoons entertainment.

The Salted peanut millionaires shortbread looked too chunky and sweet for my tastes, but sharing a forkful from James it wasn’t as overbearingly sickly as I was expecting. One for next time for me I think.

Salted Peanut Millionaires Shortbread

Cooked food stops being served at 5pm Tues – Sat and 4.30pm on a Sunday but you can still order cake. Which is very important.

My mother in law arrives tomorrow and I know where I’ll be taking her for breakfast on Thursday.

The Fallow Deer
75 High Street,
TW11 8HG


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