The Angler’s Sunday Roast

On the drive down to Brighton as a young lad there was a pub that had a hoary oak fibreglass tree. One with a face and a slide as the tongue, and maybe a swing somewhere. I was always desperate to stop there. That tree, a pack of salt & vinegar crisps and half a Coke was heaven. You don’t find many pubs like that in urban areas for obvious space reasons.

Maybe it was a boot?
Now, Teddington certainly isn’t limited for pubs or places to eat, there’s a widespread amount of pubs and scores of cafes too. Even with children in tow, a hungry parent will certainly be able to find a place to sit and refuel.

The Angler’s in Teddington though, is more spacious than most in the area, and it’s the outdoor play area that got us 30 somethings all nostalgic a few weeks ago.

It was fully booked inside when I arrived at 12-ish, so it would be worth booking ahead if the weather looks iffy. As it was, it was a nice day so our group of 8 found a large table in the spacious garden with ease.

I was there to sample the Sunday roast, but between us we settled for the fish and chips and the burger too. Orders are placed and paid for at the bar and brought to your table number, so make a mental note of your number before queuing up.

It’s an impressive roast to behold. A large crisp Yorkshire Pudding sits atop large slices of roast beef and a some roast potatoes. It’s served with a good array of vegetables all decently cooked. My only complaint would be a shortage of gravy, but I should really have asked for some more.

I nibbled some of the fish for good measure. I’d definitely be up for that on another occasion. The batter was golden, crisp and delicious.

We had a really nice, relaxing time dining al fresco. sipping drinks and watching the children enjoy themselves in the play area. Overall, the opinion of our crowd is that the food is good, but there are better burgers and roasts to be had elsewhere if food is your focus. If you have children too, then I’d say The Angler’s is a commendable place to stop for a bite.

around the table

playground or lunch excitement?

Roast Beef with trimmings

The Anglers
3 Broom Road
TW11 9NR
Tel: 020 8977 7475


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