Last night: mushroom burgers with thyme aioli and chip shop chips

Our capital exodus starts today and I’ve been working like a busy little, um, blighter putting in the in lieu hours to get me out early to avoid the Friday evening car park of the M25.
Home at 8.30 after shopping for nice breakfast bits for my parents on Monday morning. I wish I had time to make croissants and pain au chocolat myself, but it would be silly after a bike race and a 5 hour drive from Yorkshire.

So after buzzing round the shops after work, I got the grumps. It always happens when I’m hungry. It’s frustrating that something like that can derail me. So, my plans yesterday morning for a pear & cardamom tarte tatin and something magical with portabella mushrooms were all scrunched up and lobbed behind me by the time I got through the front door. Junk food beckoned, and were partially conceded to with chip shop chips, but hey, with a griddle and baps, you have chargrilled burger buns, which are (in my humble opinion) the biggest contribution to a decent burger. Throw a grilled mushroom in, and hey presto a burger!

How to elevate it a little though? Mushrooms love garlic, lemon zest, thyme, so I thought about a thyme aioli. You can make fresh mayo if you want, but if you’re exhausted all you need to do is grind a small clove of garlic with a pinch of salt in a pestle & mortar, add Helman’s or another mayonnaise. Just add some sprigs of thyme with the garlic and grind it all up. Or try rosemary. Just think of all the times you’ve had a bland burger and thought ‘it could just do with…’ and then throw it in!

Have a good weekend!



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