Byron, Westfield Shopping Centre

Westfield has a vast array of food outlets, which makes it one of the most pleasant shopping centres for me to buzz around.

On the way up I spotted a tapas bar that I’d like to take a peek at, the hanging jamon was covered with red cloth to prevent prying, poking fingers I guess. A burrito bar and fond memories of Wahaca were tempting, but to Byron we went.

Their huge, filling malted milkshakes was just the thing for my sore throat. We all had them. Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and Oreo, with the option of extra malt. Personally, although I would never normally pick up a packet of Oreos, picking their crushed remains out of a thick milkshake is the closest I’ll get to them. I like it when they get jammed in the end of the straw, it helps slow down my slurping.

On the surface it doesn’t seem very Veg friendly, but vegetarian wise there are interesting options. They have a portabello mushroom, pepper & goats cheese burger that I’ve yet to try. Mrs Fly had the nachos before, and was uninspired by the squash salad. Prompted by Em, she had a very comforting and good macaroni cheese with courgette chips. The courgettes were lightly battered and baking hot, pretty scrummy, but I reckon they’d be excellent with a dip on the side.

The rest of us had burgers, chosen from what seemed to be a cut down range, which may not be entirely representative of all their branches. The burgers as usual were automatically cooked medium unless you specify otherwise. I thought the Byron was particularly tasty, and enjoyed the sauce dribbling down my fingers into my napkin.

All in all, it was just what I needed to get past my sore throat, and I’m thinking fondly of the time I’ll next drop into Byron.

Edit: Chatting to Em in the car on the way to the farmer’s market today, we were chatting about the burgers last night and found that we both thought that they were better than the Kingston and Wardour Street branches. I’m surprised to hear myself say that. That a shopping centre food court was better than a restaurant. Let me know what you think if you visit.


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