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Dishoom was one of Time Outs recent recommended Cheap Eats along with Mooli. Fancying something more than a filled roti, we dropped in for a quick lunch.

They do a kind of Indian meze with dishes to share, ranging in size from small plates up to grills and large plates of biryani. Their drinks menu features a range of interesting lassis (Rose & Cardamom among others) and Indian inspired punches.

We plumped for the Peach & Fennel Lassi (the mango delivery had been delayed), and the House Punch (without rum, it is the afternoon you know). I normally have an aversion to lassis, but the Peach & fennel Lassi was refreshing and the fennel seeds did a good job of cleansing my mouth after the meal.

The House Punch was marvellously fruity, and tasted unlike anything I’ve had before. It was fresh, interesting with a slight spice. I can imagine sinking them slowly when paired with rum.

We chose 5 small plates: 2 veggie, 3 meat based.

The vegetarian Pau Bhaji was a fresh and delicious puree of spiced vegetables, one of the nicest Indian dishes Mrs Fly has eaten. The muffin style bread that it came with seems slightly inappropriate given the other breads they sell, it would be nice to have the option of a roti.

The Bombay Sausages, were pleasant enough, served with nice caramelised onions and a hit of masala. Perhaps more deserving of their extensive breakfast menu than the small plates, very much like a decent sausage sarnie without the bread.

The Dishoom Calamari was my second highlight. A dressing of thin strips of lemon zest and possibly tamarind was drizzled over the crispy, darkly toasted coriander seed and breadcrumb coating.

The Keema Pau was disappointing. The minced lamb sauce wasn’t a patch on the vegetable Pau Bhaji. It was unfortunately too much like chilli con carnegie without the beans. That could just be my aversion to mincemeat.

Mrs Fly also picked out the House Black Daal, which was intensely rich & buttery. Maybe too buttery. The smell of butter was noticeable when the dish was placed on the table.

Overall though it’s a lovely place to stop for lunch, the interior is stylish and reminiscent of the Bombay cafes of old and the staff are helpful efficient. We’d certainly buzz by to try the biryani. And as we’re there we’d certainly tuck into the Pau Bhaji and Dishoom Calamri as well.

Lunch for 2 with drinks & service: £32






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