Too much sugar for one day

After failing to get my act together for the last charity cake sale, I was left with 3 damson bakewell tarts, and I didn’t fancy chomping my way through more leftovers.

I spotted this Salted Caramel tart with cashew praline in the latest Waitrose magazine and thought it sounded amazing. After all, salted caramels are gorgeous.

For me, this is another reminder of why it’s a good idea to try recipes out before inflicting them on friends. I may have to underline and highlight that to ensure I pay attention and don’t do it to my colleagues again. Simply put it was way too sweet for my tastes.

Don’t get me wrong the caramel is gorgeous, but I’m sorely tempted to tinker with this and serve it as a banoffee variant, just to take the edge off the sweetness.

I was disappointed and seriously tempted to to bail on this cake sale shenanigans, but it was my third promise of a contribution and it was for my own charity event, so I really would be letting myself down.

Even with it’s sorry looking state after the journey, with caramel oozing across the plate, people keep walking up and taking slices away. I was barely able to make my way through a thin slice after 3 hours. I pitied their poor panicking pancreas producing piles of insulin. I’m sure A will love it though.

The cake sale ended up raising £60 for Cancer Research UK, which I’m happy with. No cakes survived.

That’s at least what I’m intending on doing more with this blog, trying to catalogue the successes and the failures. Photography is optional. If there’s time it’ll be with the DSLR, if not a camera phone will have to suffice.


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