Catching up: armagnac & prune panna cottas

This is a mash up of posts and ideas that I wanted to write about before my training course. I’ll sort it out and add the photos at some point.

My last post back on the 15th was the day before I flew to Washington for the start of a seven week training course for my new job as a consultant with a business intelligence software vendor. Which is super exciting for me, if not for others.

I had high hopes of cooking in the studio flat that I was staying in and had taken along a few books for inspiration but being overwhelmed with studying and somewhat underwhelmed with the facilities I’ve parked that idea.

It’s been a culinary homage of sorts I suppose. My first ever breakfast of grits. Bagels with cream cheese and pastrami on rye in New York, tasting so much better than across the pond. Oh and decent Mexican fast food from Chipotles. Good chips from Five Guys along with their custom burgers. Also explaining to a lady from Kansas what to do with that ‘weird’ condiment of malt vinegar. Loving Panera for lunch too.

When I got back home last Saturday A and I zipped up to Harrogate for meetings with florists and a wedding fair to scope suppliers for our upcoming wedding in August.

Monday started with a brief trip to the shops for store cupboard staples. So now in the fridge are ingredients that I’d bought before i went away, slightly over optimistic of how much we were going to get through. Mushrooms, paneer, frozen single cream, which by all accounts is a waste of time, but no more! A panna cotta works just great with them. Old leeks fried with cannelinni beans and given a mustard dressing made a fine salad with bread. The next day it was grand on a garlic rubbed bruschetta and covered with mozzarella that was a week past its best. Still to go butternut squash, celeriac and parsnips. The next leg of the trip sees me there for 3 weeks and that food certainly won’t keep until then.


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