Bulbs in the back

It’s been a busy couple of months.  I’m sure that’s an excuse for everyone, so I won’t accept that and I’ll say the real reason I’ve not done my garden homework is because the house is nice and warm whilst outside it’s been cold and miserable.  No that won’t do either.  I’m sure the truth of it is laziness.

Well, the back garden isn’t looking like a nice place to spend time at present.  The lovely green lawn in the back garden is a façade, it’s anything but grass.  It’s mainly moss doing a good job of looking like grass.  The real grass having been forced to retreat from our two rabbits and guinea pig who trim any greenery that isn’t a relation of an allium or a perennial weed.  Their chewing capers are rich source of amusement, although I often feel more of a McGregor than a McGovern in my attempts to obviate their overindulgence in my plants.

As Sunday was a good enough day, and as Abi needed to clean the pets out, it seemed like a good, if belated, idea to plant the pink, deep dark red and white tulip bulbs that we bought last October/November.  Yes, very late I know.  The shame of it is that the same thing happened the year before.  October and November just aren’t the season to be in the garden, it’s the season to be making hearty soups or some-such in the kitchen.

The bulbs, unlike me, were clearly eager for compost, having started sending out root shoots.  I managed to squeeze them into the few pots and planters that are out of trampling range of rabbits, making room by removing some late lavender seedlings and a small rosemary plant to the safer spot of the front garden.  I guess I’ll see what happens with the bulbs, hopefully we’ll see a mass of colour in May.

There’ll be a lot of change in the coming months with the back, with operation Repel Rabbit gearing up for deployment.  Full plans coming shortly, just don’t tell the pets please. 

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